Month: April 2014

  • Cross-Departmental Dialogue: The Rock and the Revolution

    Shared from Now at the Met Xin Wang, Research Assistant, Department of Asian Art At the moment, we have on two different sides of the Museum great examples of contemporary artists who have created works that deal with history, politics, and social realities in their respective regions using stop-motion animation: The Refusal of Time (2012), an installation […]

  • Big Business–Diary on China Focus at the 2014 Armory 大生意 2014军械库艺博会“聚焦中国”单元 去年秋天,在军械库艺博会宣布“聚焦中国”的酒会上,初被任命为策展人的尤伦斯当代艺术中心馆长田霏宇(Phil Tinari)回忆起十几年前北漂的情形:在派对上介绍自己是个驻京艺评家,基本没人搭理。