Month: October 2014

  • Lu Yang Arcade: New York solo

    LUYANG ARCADE Curator: Xin Wang Lu Yang Arcade, the first New York solo exhibition of the Shanghai-based artist Lu Yang (b. 1984), presents some of her key projects since 2011 and new works commissioned for the exhibition that feature fantastical, often morbid visions of death, sexuality (or a-sexuality), illness, and neurological constructs of both real life-forms and religious icons. […]

  • Cao Fei on La Town for Artforum 500 words

    曹斐近日在纽约Lombard Freid画廊展出新作《La Town》,40余分钟的定格拍摄影片全部由微缩人物与场景组成。在这个与现实比例为1:87的世界里,艺术家试图描摹一座城市的过往与命运。它反复在虫洞中迁徙至其他时空,逃避着记忆的捕捉,后在当代博物馆展览柜中被封存、展出、遗忘。