Month: July 2018

  • Japanese Translation of Asian Futurism essay courtesy of Arguments magazine

    Full Japanese Text with Translator’s Note With deep gratitude to “アーギュメンツ製作委員会”(Arguments’ Production Committee; Originally published for E-Flux Journal.  

  • Archeological Excavation in Selinunte, Sicily

    Orignally published on The Institue of Fine Arts, New York University, Archeological Journal. Click to access IFA_Archaeology_Journal_2017-2018.pdf

  • RROPS interview

    PROPS: What role do images play in our practice? Xin Wang: I’m an art historian by training, and throughout the course of my (over)education I’ve been exposed to myriad trajectories in which images are made, derived, edited, post-edited. As a result, there is always hyper-sensitivity towards the generative parameters that inform the politics and erotics […]