Month: October 2018

  • Para Site Curatorial Residency

    Honored to join this roster!

  • E-Flux Feminism(s) Panel discussion

    E-Flux Feminism(s) Panel discussion

    Blurb: Offside Affairs begins with soccer—the delirious energy of the game, its technologically-calibrated mass spectatorship, the unparalleled intersectionality in the identity politics of fans. An unexpectedly potent subcultural byproduct is soccer fan fiction, a kind of “democratic erotica” practiced by internet writers (often female, anonymous, amateur) who read into and imaginatively explore homoerotic dynamics on […]

  • QINGNI/QINGMIN dance/multimedia performance

    QINGNI/QINGMIN dance/multimedia performance

    Qingni is Qinmin’s best friend; they were high school desk-mates. Both of them went to the West Coast of the United States for collage. Now both Qinmin and Qingni live in New York City; they are still best friends. Qinmin’s art practice drew heavily from their friendship and the experience of living in-between worlds. QINGNI […]