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  • Curatorial Talk at the School of Visual Arts, New York City

    As a curator and art historian who has had a fair share of the excitement and discontentment with “contemporary Chinese Art” in my practice, I would like to share a few recent projects in which I actively problematize frameworks that primarily concern identities—national, cultural, peripheral (in light of the “identity politics” discourse), othering—through looking at […]

  • Romantic Fallacies

    That being an artist is a romantic undertaking still holds true for many; but not Luc Tuymans, whose thinly-smeared, off-register, and elusively referential images oscillate between what is depicted and a sheer detachment from the subject matter. They conjure up a subconscious world where the most banal elements—creased sheets on an unkempt bed or eerily […]