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  • QINGNI/QINGMIN dance/multimedia performance

    QINGNI/QINGMIN dance/multimedia performance

    Qingni is Qinmin’s best friend; they were high school desk-mates. Both of them went to the West Coast of the United States for collage. Now both Qinmin and Qingni live in New York City; they are still best friends. Qinmin’s art practice drew heavily from their friendship and the experience of living in-between worlds. QINGNI […]

  • On Performa 2013 Artforum Slant

    Performa 2013发生在这样一个年份: 自拍现象(selfie)成为被反复讨论的文化症候群,表演与观看在大众文化中达到高度自觉,自我审视与社会性表演无孔不入地互渗。这些表演最私密、也最遥远;极尽可能地泛滥,却精确地测绘着观看政治的形状与边界。