Tag: Digital art

  • Virtually Ever After: art in the post-digital era

    Special interview with artist Jakob Kudsk Steensen for Art Agenda CONVERSATIONS. Link to the publication: https://www.art-agenda.com/features/331915/virtually-ever-after-art-in-the-post-digital-era I spoke with the artist Jakob Kudsk Steensen from our respective quarantines—me in New York City and Steensen in the south of France, where he was working on a virtual landscape during a residency with the Luma Foundation in…

  • Curatorial Talk at the School of Visual Arts, New York City

    As a curator and art historian who has had a fair share of the excitement and discontentment with “contemporary Chinese Art” in my practice, I would like to share a few recent projects in which I actively problematize frameworks that primarily concern identities—national, cultural, peripheral (in light of the “identity politics” discourse), othering—through looking at…

  • Decentralizing Art: The Hype and Hope of Blockchain

    Two recaps on a panel discussion exploring the myriad implications of blockchain technology for art—its making, distribution, and ontology. https://blog.blockstack.org/recap-decentralizing-art-the-hype-and-hope-of-blockchain/ https://thecreativecrypto.com/a-new-category-of-creative-practice-thoughts-on-the-decentralizing-art-nyc-event/