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  • Digital Reincarnations

    by Xin Wang & Lu Yang October 19, 2020 https://www.art-agenda.com/features/355558/digital-reincarnations Lu Yang, The Great Adventure of Material World, 2019. Still from video game. Image courtesy of the artist. The practice of Shanghai-based artist Lu Yang is best characterized as a continuous project of world-building. His videos, computer games, and digital avatars combine a distinctive repertoire of intellectual traditions and […]

  • Essay on Lu Yang for the 56th Venice Biennial China Pavillion catalogue

    Lu Yang: Anatomy of the Idols “Science is a differential equation. Religion is a boundary condition.” –Alan Turing When Walter Benjamin wrote about the aura of the work of art, he most certainly didn’t mean that it could be a physical, detachable thing, but of elusive nature, like divinity.

  • Lu Yang Arcade Reviews

    Artforum: http://artforum.com.cn/archive/search=%E7%8E%8B%E8%BE%9B/7138 

  • Lu Yang: Arcade, published as Hyperallergic Essay

    The arcade is more than a place to play games. It promises a critical distance from reality, creativity independent of usefulness, and realms of fantasy that are “resistant, but not oppositional, in relation to the dominant societal logic,” as Graeme Kirkpatrick put it in “Aesthetic Theory and the Video Game.” Under its powerful reward system […]