Month: September 2013

  • 观念的画/观看的画 The Observing Painting

    为上海天线空间韩冰个展 (2013年9月27日- 2013年11月10日)所写 韩冰的画面笔触斑驳,一面是得心应手的表现主义,另一面渗透数码画面的微妙质感:精准输出现实造型世界的信息,象素块的组织规则、棱角,和偶发误差.

  • Romantic Fallacies

    That being an artist is a romantic undertaking still holds true for many; but not Luc Tuymans, whose thinly-smeared, off-register, and elusively referential images oscillate between what is depicted and a sheer detachment from the subject matter. They conjure up a subconscious world where the most banal elements—creased sheets on an unkempt bed or eerily […]

  • Lauder Philanthropy

    2013年08月02日 18:08   周末画报 封面故事 艺术还诸公众   文/王辛    春寒料峭的纽约四月,雅诗兰黛家族继承人、犹太裔商人Leonard A. Lauder承诺捐给大都会艺术博物馆一批估价上十亿美元的早期立体派艺术精品,消息公布后,满城为之震动。

  • A Different Kind of Order: The ICP Triennial 07.19.13   “A Different Kind of Order,” the Fourth ICP Triennial, finds itself in a much digitized and image-overloaded world—a state more intensely felt than in any previous installments and made all the more apparent by the show’s default medium specificity. Recognizing the futility of deploying any overarching theory, the curatorial team in this […]

  • The 55th Venice Biennale 第五十五届威尼斯双年展

    “The 55th Venice Biennale.” Artforum. June 2013.威尼斯 “百科宫殿”作为二十世纪中期住在宾州郊区、名不见经传的意大利裔美国艺术家Marino Auriti的严肃臆想,有着典型理性宏愿的漏洞百出,但这一前数码时代对人类知识

  • Anselm Kiefer at Gagosian Gallery

    “Anselm Kiefer at Gagosian Gallery.” Artforum. May 2013. “Morgenthau Plan” presents paintings and sculptures with a quintessentially Anselm Kiefer–esque repertoire of elegiac imagery molded upon scorched and densely processed surfaces. Here, fifteen large-scale canvases depicting barren expanses strewn with detritus, sparse stalks, and pastel-hued flowers—painted over enlarged photographs of blooming fields near the artist’s […]

  • Liu Wei 刘韡个展

    “Liu Wei at Lehman Maupin.” Artforum. March 2013. LEHMAN MAUPIN 540 West 26th Street 2013.02.28–2013.03.23 刘韡个展现场,2013. 刘韡签约Lehmann Maupin画廊后在纽约的首次个展延续了一贯先声夺人的形

  • Luc Tuymans 夏日将尽

    March 27, 2013 文化 | 夏日将尽 文/王辛 “夏日将尽(The Summer is Over)”是Luc Tuymans在老东家David Zwirner纽约画廊举办的第10个个展,他将目光投向自身、周遭,与艺术家身份本身。他的作品直接影响并促成了1990年代的绘画复兴运动,同时也是一位策展人,

  • Seeing and Disbelieving: Chen Shaoxiong’s Ink Animation Videos

    Xin Wang, “Seeing and Disbelieving: Chen Shaoxiong’s Ink Animation Videos,” in Modern Art Asia Selected Papers Issues 1-8, edited by Majella Munro (West Sussex: Enzo Arts and Publishing, June 2012), pp. 213-224. Xin Wang essay on Chen Shaoxiong for Modern Art Asia 墨水东西/Ink Things,2007,水墨素描/Ink Drawing Since 2005, the now Beijing-based multi-media artist Chen Shaoxiong […]

  • 美术馆里的守望者 Artists Guarding Artists 大都会美术馆的守卫们身穿深蓝色制服和红色夹式领带,佩戴厚厚的塑料工作人员出入卡,每周在艺术博物馆待40小时,忍受着因长时间站立而引起的