Month: September 2013

  • The Unnatural Wonders of Japan’s Influential Rinpa Aesthetic

    “The Unnatural Wonders of Japan’s Influential Rinpa Aesthetic.” Hyperallergic. November 5, 2012. Studio of Tawaraya Sôtatsu, “Boats upon Waves” (17th C.) with the reflection of Nawa Kohei;s “PixCell-Deer #24″ (2011) (all photos by author for Hyperallergic unless otherwise noted) I always consider it fortunate that at institutions like the Metropolitan Museum, exhibitions continue to argue […]

  • Lu Zhengyuan on the “Good-Looking”

    “Lu Zhengyuan on the ‘Good-Looking’.” Art in America. September 26, 2012. “Half-truth,” the New York debut of Lu Zhengyuan at Eli Klein [through Oct. 21], features just seven works that encompass painting, sculpture and photography. Lu consistently resists adopting a signature style, but maintains that the works should be individually “good-looking”—that is, visually and […]

  • 美丽旧世界 美丽旧世界 文/王辛1968年,纽约现代美术馆的Pontus Hultén策划了名为“机器—在机械时代的尽头”的展览。铁片压模的画册封面上,一辆亮柠檬黄的出租车停在美术馆大片落地玻璃拼凑的立面,古旧的前卫质感在今时今日

  • Occupying Minds, Not Streets

    “Occupying Minds, Not Streets.” Hyperallergic. May 1, 2012. Installation view of “Prepared: Strategies for Activists” (all photos courtesy Chen Shaoxiong) LAWRENCE, Kansas — Mounting an exhibition anywhere in the neighborhood of occupation aesthetics can be precarious nowadays, for people are increasingly fed up with the same reiterations of ideological conceptualism and the ultra-politically correct, […]


    “The Ungovernables: 2012 New Museum Triennial.” Leap. April (2012): 180–183. THE UNGOVERNABLES: 2012 NEW MUSEUM TRIENNIAL Post in: Reviews | May 4 , 2012 | Tag in: LEAP 14 | Reviews Date: 2012.02.15-2012.04.22 | Reviews Venues: New Museum, New York Hassan Khan, Jewel (still), 2010, 35 mm film transferred to full HD accompanied by music composed and produced by the artist, suspended screen, fixture, […]

  • Interview with Maurizio Cattelan

    “Interview with Maurizio Cattelan.” Modern Weekly. December 2011. 当代艺术 | 恶作剧天才的回顾展 文/王辛 生于帕多瓦,工作在纽约的观念艺术家莫瑞吉奥·卡特兰(Maurizio Cattelan)可能是艺术圈内最会制造话题和麻烦的一位。最近的一次即是在古根海姆美术馆的个人回顾展《ALL》上把自己21

  • Ai Weiwei’s Gilt

    “Ai Weiwei’s Gilt.” Art in America. November 28, 2011. On Nov. 17, 12 golden zodiac animal heads mounted on convoluted stems atop simple pedestals provided a glamorous setting for the book launch of Ai Weiwei: Circle of Animals at Paul Kasmin’s plush new space in Chelsea. The festive event came six months after a larger bronze version of […]

  • Lee Ufan: Marking Infinity

    “Lee Ufan: Marking Infinity.” Leap. October (2011): 192–195. LEE UFAN: MARKING INFINITY Post in: Reviews | December 14 , 2011 | Tag in: LEAP 11 | Reviews Date: 2011.06.24-2011.09.28 | Reviews Venues: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York Dialogue—space, 2011, acrylic on wall, dimensions vary with installation, installation view, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum New York, 2011 The canonizing ramps of the Guggenheim rotunda played […]