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  • best of 2015 (exhibitions) for artforum

    best of 2015 (exhibitions) for artforum

    史诗如何作为艺术媒介?埃及艺术家瓦尔•舒基(Wael Shawky)用“卡巴莱十字军东征”(Cabaret Crusades)影像三部曲重新演绎这段中世纪史,在年初的MoMA PS1个展上首次呈现全貌。

  • 海上列传–Artforum Scene and Herd on Venice Biennial 2015 Opening Week

    “历史并不是靠一点点被挖掘还原的,而是排山倒海向我们碾压而来。”第56届威尼斯双年展德国馆参展艺术家黑特·史德耶尔(Hito Steyerl)在开幕期间某晚宴上如是说。

  • William Anastasi – ‘Sound Works, 1963-2013’ Artforum pick

    A recorder plays itself recording an otherwise silent environment (Microphone, 1963) while the murmur of industrial objects—a radiator, a deflated tire, a pneumatic drill—buzz conspicuously from attached speakers (Sound Objects, 1963–65). Foregrounding sound as readymade, these mechanomorphic-looking pieces conjure up Duchamp but their conceptual reckoning was very much at the contemporary edge—Joseph Kosuth’s One and Three […]

  • A Different Kind of Order: The ICP Triennial

    http://artforum.com/archive/id=41590 07.19.13   “A Different Kind of Order,” the Fourth ICP Triennial, finds itself in a much digitized and image-overloaded world—a state more intensely felt than in any previous installments and made all the more apparent by the show’s default medium specificity. Recognizing the futility of deploying any overarching theory, the curatorial team in this […]

  • Anselm Kiefer at Gagosian Gallery

    “Anselm Kiefer at Gagosian Gallery.” Artforum. May 2013. http://artforum.com/archive/id=41099 “Morgenthau Plan” presents paintings and sculptures with a quintessentially Anselm Kiefer–esque repertoire of elegiac imagery molded upon scorched and densely processed surfaces. Here, fifteen large-scale canvases depicting barren expanses strewn with detritus, sparse stalks, and pastel-hued flowers—painted over enlarged photographs of blooming fields near the artist’s […]

  • Liu Wei 刘韡个展

    “Liu Wei at Lehman Maupin.” Artforum. March 2013. http://artforum.com.cn/picks/section=world&mode=past#picks4951 LEHMAN MAUPIN 540 West 26th Street 2013.02.28–2013.03.23 刘韡个展现场,2013. 刘韡签约Lehmann Maupin画廊后在纽约的首次个展延续了一贯先声夺人的形