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  • Cyclical Gods: Reliving Pandemic

    BY XIN WANG • FEATURES• MAY 8, 2020 Zhao Yao, “Spirit Above All,” 2016. I arrived at the opening of Sanctuary, artist Chen Dongfan’s first institutional exhibition in New York City, overcome with a profound sense of disorientation. It was January 30th and I was still jetlagged, having returned only two days prior from China, where the COVID-19 epidemic had steadily…

  • Curatorial Talk at the School of Visual Arts, New York City

    As a curator and art historian who has had a fair share of the excitement and discontentment with “contemporary Chinese Art” in my practice, I would like to share a few recent projects in which I actively problematize frameworks that primarily concern identities—national, cultural, peripheral (in light of the “identity politics” discourse), othering—through looking at…

  • Two Panels at Art Basel Hong Kong 2018

    Artist Talk | Chin(A)frica: An Interface Samuel Fosso, He Xiangyu, Oluremi C. Onabanjo and Xin Wang     Artist Talk | Communism as Common ‘ism’: Artist Perspectives Anton Vidokle, Vivek Vilasini, Huang Rui and Xin Wang

  • chin(A)frica: an interface

      Duke House Exhibition Series Fall 2017 Institute of Fine Arts, New York University James B. Duke House 1 East 78th Street October 18, 2017- February 18, 2018 The fall Duke House Exhibition, chin(A)frica: an interface, investigates new parameters in which identity, geopolitics, and otherness are re-formulated through expansive exchanges between China and African countries…

  • Artforum Scene & Herd from Shanghai and Guangzhou


  • Tang Dixin: A Hunger Artist

    Tang Dixin: A Hunger Artist

    Profile on painter and performance artist Tang Dixin for Flash Art’s March-April 2016 issue, which offers an editorial that “explores art production in contemporary Shanghai through the lens of the persistently evasive concept of modernity.” Entangled (2014). In a recent performance that took place in New York, in the context of last November’s Asia Contemporary…

  • 双体/Artforum Book Review of Between State and Market: Contemporary Chinese Art in the Post Mao Era

    双体/Artforum Book Review of Between State and Market: Contemporary Chinese Art in the Post Mao Era

    《国家与市场之间:后毛时代的中国当代艺术》(Between State and Market: Chinese Contemporary Art in the Post-Mao Era, 2014)实际探讨的是1978至1993年之间中国当代艺术体制从无到(算是)有的建立史。

  • Cao Fei on La Town for Artforum 500 words

    曹斐近日在纽约Lombard Freid画廊展出新作《La Town》,40余分钟的定格拍摄影片全部由微缩人物与场景组成。在这个与现实比例为1:87的世界里,艺术家试图描摹一座城市的过往与命运。它反复在虫洞中迁徙至其他时空,逃避着记忆的捕捉,后在当代博物馆展览柜中被封存、展出、遗忘。

  • Diary on “My Generation” Opening in Tampa/天涯海角

    Diary on “My Generation” Opening in Tampa/天涯海角

    天涯海角 “我们这一代(My Generation)”展览开幕 2014.06.10 左:策展人Barbara Pollack与艺术家Nancy Davenport;右:坦帕美术馆外景. 敏感日自北京登机,围绕戴汉志纪念展发生的事件仍在不徐不疾地发酵,加转机近20小时的航程之后,又降落在了同一天。

  • “What Beautiful Dreams are Made Of” for Now at the Met

    Duan Jianyu’s Beautiful Dream series (2008), currently displayed in the exhibition Ink Art: Past as Present in Contemporary China, showcases clichéd renderings of tourist attractions and scenic Chinese landscapes on flattened cardboard boxes. The charming naiveté of the silhouetted forms belies her witty treatment of the banal subjects and materials: soda-can rings reinforce the Great Wall’s bulk, and…