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  • E-Flux Feminism(s) Panel discussion

    E-Flux Feminism(s) Panel discussion

    Blurb: Offside Affairs begins with soccer—the delirious energy of the game, its technologically-calibrated mass spectatorship, the unparalleled intersectionality in the identity politics of fans. An unexpectedly potent subcultural byproduct is soccer fan fiction, a kind of “democratic erotica” practiced by internet writers (often female, anonymous, amateur) who read into and imaginatively explore homoerotic dynamics on […]

  • 黯然销魂不唯语境/Translating Feminism

    published on Artforum.com.cn on 2014.12.03, http://artforum.com.cn/slant/7247# 碧昂斯在MTV音乐录影带大奖上的表演,2014年8月24日。 图片:New Statesman