E-Flux Feminism(s) Panel discussion


Offside Affairs begins with soccer—the delirious energy of the game, its technologically-calibrated mass spectatorship, the unparalleled intersectionality in the identity politics of fans. An unexpectedly potent subcultural byproduct is soccer fan fiction, a kind of “democratic erotica” practiced by internet writers (often female, anonymous, amateur) who read into and imaginatively explore homoerotic dynamics on the pitch. How does this genre speak to truly uninhibited self-expression, fluidity of gender and desire, dimensions of masculinity, and feminism in a country with profoundly transformative yet problematic top-down legacy of gender equality? 

E-flux announcement:

In ten seconds, how many synonyms can you think of for the word “power”?

And then, just when you thought that you finally got the hang of how the power structures around you function, they seem to be coming undone. But are they really coming undone, or is the current that’s pushing and pulling at them not much more than a massage, a way to keep them up to date that stays only on the surface and is not able to touch the center?

What is feminism, precisely? What are feminisms today?

To answer these questions and myriad others, the summer and September issues of e-flux journal are dedicated to feminism(s). It is a particular pleasure to embark on an exploration and an unfolding of the many complex realities and iterations that feminism can accommodate. Not one feminism, but many.

Join us in celebration of the work and words of thinkers, artists, workers, mothers, poets, historians, collaborators, fighters, conveners, killjoys, teachers, men of trans experience, women of trans experience, womyn, women, woman, men, man too* who contributed to e-flux journal‘s issues #92 and #93.

The launch features contributing authors Martha Rosler, Xin Wang, McKenzie Wark, and Elvia Wilk, introduced by editor Kaye Cain-Nielsen.

*With contributions thus far by Mirene Arsanios, Mary Walling Blackburn, Angela Dimitrakaki, Irmgard Emmelhainz, Renee Gladman, Élisabeth Lebovici and Giovanna Zapperi, Ewa Majewska, Chus Martínez, Pilar Villela Mascaró, Griselda Pollock, Elizabeth A. Povinelli, Elvia Wilk, Simone White, and more contributors to come.

For more information, contact program@e-flux.com.



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