• Cao Fei on La Town for Artforum 500 words

    曹斐近日在纽约Lombard Freid画廊展出新作《La Town》,40余分钟的定格拍摄影片全部由微缩人物与场景组成。在这个与现实比例为1:87的世界里,艺术家试图描摹一座城市的过往与命运。它反复在虫洞中迁徙至其他时空,逃避着记忆的捕捉,后在当代博物馆展览柜中被封存、展出、遗忘。

  • 良心、土鳖、友谊:an email exchange on Liao Guohe’s disagreeable paintings

    良心、土鳖、友谊:an email exchange on Liao Guohe’s disagreeable paintings

    良心、土鳖、友谊:谈谈廖国核的《马上有良心》for Leap Magazine 生活在长沙的艺术家廖国核最近在上海BANK的个展《马上有良心》接近尾声,但关于展的讨论却一直在社交媒体上延续。

  • Review of Yang Fudong’s New Women for FlashArt Summer 2014 Issue

    Review of Yang Fudong’s New Women for FlashArt Summer 2014 Issue

    While the sensual cosmopolitanism of 1930s Shanghai once again looms in New Women (2013)— Yang Fudong’s latest five-channel, black-and-white video installation — its aesthetic and historical tropes are unspooled into a rich tableau as anachronistic as the notion of newness. The film’s five protagonists, stark naked and exquisitely coiffed in styles redolent of early 20th-century decadence, evade indexical reading into archetypes such as those from…

  • Diary on “My Generation” Opening in Tampa/天涯海角

    Diary on “My Generation” Opening in Tampa/天涯海角

    天涯海角 “我们这一代(My Generation)”展览开幕 2014.06.10 左:策展人Barbara Pollack与艺术家Nancy Davenport;右:坦帕美术馆外景. 敏感日自北京登机,围绕戴汉志纪念展发生的事件仍在不徐不疾地发酵,加转机近20小时的航程之后,又降落在了同一天。

  • Artforum Slant on Camille Henrot’s Grosse Fatigue

    Artforum Slant on Camille Henrot’s Grosse Fatigue

    起初,神创造了苹果电脑桌面中的宇宙。 神的灵魂运行在二进制海洋之上。 神说,要有google,就有了google。这是属于我们时代的起源神话

  • Cross-Departmental Dialogue: The Rock and the Revolution

    Shared from Now at the Met Xin Wang, Research Assistant, Department of Asian Art At the moment, we have on two different sides of the Museum great examples of contemporary artists who have created works that deal with history, politics, and social realities in their respective regions using stop-motion animation: The Refusal of Time (2012), an installation…

  • Big Business–Diary on China Focus at the 2014 Armory

    http://artforum.com.cn/diary/6420 大生意 2014军械库艺博会“聚焦中国”单元 去年秋天,在军械库艺博会宣布“聚焦中国”的酒会上,初被任命为策展人的尤伦斯当代艺术中心馆长田霏宇(Phil Tinari)回忆起十几年前北漂的情形:在派对上介绍自己是个驻京艺评家,基本没人搭理。

  • [Panel] Magiciens de la Terre and China: Looking Back 25 Years

    Co-organized by Asia Art Archive in America, Columbia University, and Xin Wang.  Date: Tuesday, March 11, 2014 Time: 6:30-8:00 p.m. Location: 612 Schermerhorn, Columbia University Please join us for a special presentation and informal discussion of the landmark exhibition Magiciens de la Terre, held at the Centre Pompidou and Grande Halle de la Villette in Paris in 1989. Featuring…

  • “What Beautiful Dreams are Made Of” for Now at the Met

    Duan Jianyu’s Beautiful Dream series (2008), currently displayed in the exhibition Ink Art: Past as Present in Contemporary China, showcases clichéd renderings of tourist attractions and scenic Chinese landscapes on flattened cardboard boxes. The charming naiveté of the silhouetted forms belies her witty treatment of the banal subjects and materials: soda-can rings reinforce the Great Wall’s bulk, and…

  • On Performa 2013 Artforum Slant

    Performa 2013发生在这样一个年份: 自拍现象(selfie)成为被反复讨论的文化症候群,表演与观看在大众文化中达到高度自觉,自我审视与社会性表演无孔不入地互渗。这些表演最私密、也最遥远;极尽可能地泛滥,却精确地测绘着观看政治的形状与边界。