• Two Panels at Art Basel Hong Kong 2018

    Artist Talk | Chin(A)frica: An Interface Samuel Fosso, He Xiangyu, Oluremi C. Onabanjo and Xin Wang     Artist Talk | Communism as Common ‘ism’: Artist Perspectives Anton Vidokle, Vivek Vilasini, Huang Rui and Xin Wang

  • chin(A)frica: an interface

      Duke House Exhibition Series Fall 2017 Institute of Fine Arts, New York University James B. Duke House 1 East 78th Street October 18, 2017- February 18, 2018 The fall Duke House Exhibition, chin(A)frica: an interface, investigates new parameters in which identity, geopolitics, and otherness are re-formulated through expansive exchanges between China and African countries…

  • Asian Futurism and the Non-Other

    Asian Futurism and the Non-Other

    Long essay for E-Flux Journal #81 http://www.e-flux.com/journal/81/126662/asian-futurism-and-the-non-other/

  • Siah Armajani: Monument Valley

    Siah Armajani: Monument Valley

    A bridge by Siah Armajani (b.1939) is always a moving target, an ontological riddle. It must be quite odd for a visitor new to his practice to encounter such a structure – either as a sculptural installation or paper-based model – within the confines of gallery walls. Neither sculptures that foreground form nor ready-mades that…

  • Wind Rising from the Tips of Green Duckweeds: —A Conversation with Qiu Anxiong

    Wind Rising from the Tips of Green Duckweeds:  —A Conversation with Qiu Anxiong

    In 2006, Shanghai-based artist Qiu Anxiong premiered New Classic of Mountains and Seas I (NCMS1), a thirty-minute, three-channel ink animation that narrated a powerful allegory of modern civilization and its plight. Inspired by the ancient encyclopedic cosmography Classic of Mountains and Seas, which describes a myriad of prehistoric and mythological creatures, the video and its…

  • Art Agenda Review: “Why Not Ask Again” 11th Shanghai Biennale

    Art Agenda Review: “Why Not Ask Again” 11th Shanghai Biennale

    At the 11th Shanghai Biennale, it isn’t possible to take a photograph without capturing people; the vast Power Station of Art—an electric plant turned kunsthalle since 2012—is busy throughout the preview day and public opening. The curators, Raqs Media Collective, have titled this edition of the biennale “Why Not Ask Again: Arguments, Counter-arguments, and Stories,”…

  • Art Gazing and Claiming Locality at Nanjing’s Sifang Museum

    Art Gazing and Claiming Locality at Nanjing’s Sifang Museum

    NANJING, China — Recently I had a revelation while walking through the Guggenheim’s exhibition Contemporary Art of the Middle East and North Africa, where I experienced a unique and familiar kind of dissonance: the broad swath of geopolitically and culturally volatile regions the exhibition claims to encompass is somehow distilled and distanced in a clean,…

  • Artforum Scene & Herd from Shanghai and Guangzhou


  • Interview: Cecilia Alemani

    Interview: Cecilia Alemani

    With Frieze New York now open, the curator of the fair’s Projects and director of the public art program for the High Line talks about all that went into organizing this year’s program, the challenges of site-specificity, and the delicate balance of entertainment and education.   Last year, Aki Sasamoto’s project Coffee/Tea (2015), a 3-D personality test, worked particularly well for me because…

  • Of Gentrifiers and Rice

    Of Gentrifiers and Rice

    Review of “CLAPBACK 2.Gently Weeps” at Sleep Center (9 Monroe Street Basement, New York, NY 10002, USA), Feb 28–Mar 13, 2016 The familiar story of gallery-led gentrification in New York took a fetishistic turn with its latest expansion to Chinatown. Look no further than i-D’s romanticization of “garbage-laden streets” in a profile of the area’s…